What Should I Bring to Rehearsal?What is in your rehearsal bag? What is proper rehearsal etiquetteWhether you have a first rehearsal coming up or you are just trying to streamline your process of getting ready for rehearsal, this post will help you discern what to bring. This post is split up into what to bring and what not to bring to your next band or orchestra rehearsal!  



What to Bring to Rehearsal:


Your Instrument 

This one may be pretty obvious, but you never know! Be sure to check your instrument is in proper playing condition before heading to rehearsal and get any necessary repairs out of the way.



bassoon player at rehearsalYour Music 

Don't rely on your stand partner to bring the music. Bring your own music to every rehearsal to make sure you are always prepared!


A Pencil

 Don’t be caught without a pencil at rehearsal! Use your pencil to make notes in your music to help you with future practice and rehearsals.


instrument cleaning supplies Cleaning Supplies
Woodwind instruments need to be swabbed each time you play and all instruments can benefit from a quick clean after rehearsal.



You'll probably need a drink of water at some point during rehearsal. Bring a bottle of water so you don't have to search for the water fountain.


Be sure to have your tuner with you for rehearsal. It will help you to tune on your own before rehearsal and with the ensemble at the start of rehearsal.


trumpet cleaning Extra accessories

Think about the accessories specific to your instrument that you may need in rehearsal and remember to bring extra. For string instruments, remember to bring rosin. Reeds are essential for reed players. Don’t forget your valve and slide lubricants if you are a brass player. 

What not to Bring to Rehearsal:

Your phone

While you may need to bring your phone with you to the rehearsal location, resist the temptation to have it on your stand during rehearsal. Your phone can be a large distraction to you and your section mates. Your texts will still be there after rehearsal! Make the choice to go phone-free and fully immerse yourself in the music and you will notice a difference in how you rehearse.



You may need to bring snacks to the rehearsal location, but save them for after rehearsal! Besides the huge distraction eating during rehearsal will pose, food particles wreak havoc on your instrument’s interior and exterior, so leave the snacks in your bag!


With these tips, you will be prepared to rehearse effectively. By being prepared and minimizing distractions, you can play your best in rehearsal!



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